CertainTeed Independence Shangle

Guys I don’t have allot if any experience with Certianteed products so correct me if I am wrong. I looked at inpected these shingles which are CertianTeed Independence becuase the home owner wants to file a warranty claim.

It’s obvious that there’s a problem with this shingle but what I am not sure about and it just could be that I am an idiot but aren’t these shingles missing the adhesive strip that bonds the shingles together?

Click the link and please give the page a moment to load, there’s about 20 pics.

Comments and opinions encouraged, as I have to write a report for her before CertianTeed will even consider a warranty claim.


I’m not a big fan of the Independence. From your pics I would check ventilation first.

Then I’d call my Certainteed rep to see if they have had any problems or recalls, etc. on those shingles.

As for installation specs on them go here: certainteed.com/CertainTeed/ … /Shingles/

That doesn’t look like an installation problem at first glance though, my gut says ventilation problems.

The roof might have need of additional vents but my concern is a lack of adhesive strip that seals the shingles together. This was my main question.

You need to contact Certaiteed right away. How long ago was the roof installed?
It looks like an organic mat to me.


More than likely the shingles are made of virtually the same materials as the Horizons or Sealdons.

The Hallmarks and Indpendance shingles don’t have tar (at least the 5 roofs I’ve laid them on) and the thick tabs on every tab are what is supposed to hold down the shingles.

Will be tearing off a 6 year old black Indpendance 60sq roof this Fall. Black is no longer a color option in the Independance line, one tab blew off the terret. Figuring the insurance company was going to pay for a new roof due to the missing shingle was pleased to find hail damage with the adjuster.

Going to replace the Independance with black Landmark TL’s. Roof will go from a 5 year sure start warranty to a 10 year sure start warranty.

Not much of a fan of running three tabs no matter how thick they are.

The roof is 12 years old, the home owner has already contacted CertianTeed.

So this shingle is not made with a sealing strip at all? hmmm.

Are the shingles blowing off? Looks to me like they are blistering.

No blow off.


As Tar monkey and Dougger stated I would guess ventilation issues. I have come across many improperly vented roofs that where blistered like that. They were basically baked from the attic side out.
I have not installed any Certainteed shingles in about 10 years so I really can’t comment on the tar strip missing. That seems odd though.


Keep us posted . I would be interested to see what Certainteed says. We just did 60 square of Independence. dont really like them, its a glorified three tab.


[quote=“RooferJ”]… dont really like them, its a glorified three tab.


glorified ??? independence is a very cost effective shangle compared to other lifetime shingles. It has a very unique look which no other companyu duplicates.

We sell a bunch on upsells.

Shangle vs 3 tab shingle… do you know the difference ?

LOL!, come on man. be serious. Shangle is a buzz word made up by there advertising.
I don’t need to resort to that crap to sell my jobs. That being said I do like the Certainteed Grand Manor and Carriage House. Presidential Shake TL I like but my men hate it. The independence has a very busy and artificial look on the roof. doesn’t sell well in conservative new england. It installs like a three tab and requires more chalk lines hence the glorified three tab increased labor comparison. If you installed roofs Tim you’d know.


It’s an organic shingle. Junk, Junk, Junk and Junk. They’ve been junk since the mid 90’s and weren’t very good before that.

I did install for 5 years and then decided it is easier to let others do it for you and you make much more for less effort. I do know all thee ins and outs on proper installation. Now i just sell and never plan to have to go back to doing full installs.
Occasionally a repair here and there but let others do the hard stuff and stick to what I know - selling !!
Price out the independence with the grand manor or any other lifetime shingle and here in Michigan, the indepence sells really well.
If you sold… you would know.

We just did one recently,but its rare and its just a glorified three tab. we have not sold or installed a 25yr three tab roof in several years. And yes Tim I do sell, and quite a bit. I will not say how much I sell on a public forum but you would do well to eat some humble pie and loose the ego. Maybee then you could learn from others who have done well in this industry
long before you were in it and will long after your gone.
Happy Roofing


I just visited your website there rooferj.
I used to live in Duxbury. I rented an apartment @ Hall’s Corner and worked out of Plymouth. There was actually a Bennett’s store on Rte 3 (?) by the Highway exit. Any relation to you?

I have fond memories of New England and would love to get back and visit sometime.
A beautiful, unique place. At least 20 yrs. ago it was

that is a nice site roofer,but i happen to like the independence(only roofing 30 yrs now),i have never had a problem when insulation and ventilation needs are met,as tarmonkey said it appears they baked from the inside,it does look like the seal tabs are faulty(they are on the bottom back of the shingle tabs though–personally i think the shake look dimensional is crap as the 2 pieces are not full,and even so they barely lap past the nail line-i would prefer to see them top and bottom pcs cut at 12"and adhered,but i tend to think the individual pc.s of the dimensionals are usually thinner than a 25 yr. 3-tab at their thinnest–btw-i just looked at a gaf timberline installed in 1988 that looked the same,plus had stress tears from the lack of insulation ventilation as well

A few years back when Certainteed came out with the Indpenance Shangle and the Horizion they were known to do as your picture shows.It was a defect on their part, but fail to admit it.Stay on them and they will compensate to an extent,Good Luck.By the way ,somehow thet corrected the problem and today Certainteed is a decent product

They fixed the problem alright. They went strictly fiberglass :wink:

theyve been fiberglass here for a long time(15+years),after the i early iko fiascos,i wont use organic base shingles at all—i think it mattered what plant manufactured them for your area,as i`ve heard of companies offering different things in different areas