Certainteed Landmark AR Shingle Warranty Question


I am looking at Landmark AR shingles. The warranty says:
•Lifetime, limited transferable warranty
•10-year SureStart™ warranty (100% replacement and labor costs due to manufacturing defects)
•10-year StreakFighter™ warranty against streaking and discoloration caused by airborne algae
•15-year, 110 mph wind-resistance warranty
•Wind warranty upgrade is available for Landmark up to 130 mph.

My question,…is this considered a 10yr, 15yr or 25yr warranty? I sooo confused. Thanks for your advice.

Your looking at four warrantys there,the new lifetime shingles were 25 year year shingles then became 30 and now lifetime!How long it last will depend on a lot factors as location plays a big part.The algae warranty is a joke here in Louisiana the algae starts showing up at about 6 years old.The wind warranty is one im really intrested in as ive been roofing 30 years and find at 8 to 9 years old most shingle start losing thier bond and some sooner.Most manufactures offer the same warrantys on thier products and thier done in the belief the propertie will turn over or have storm damage on them.Or ventilation or fastener location will be used to void them,the few that due make it claims will be scrutinized.I would look at my installer on advice for what product has performed well in your area.

Thanks Robert. You answered my question. I will follow your advice.