Certainteed Landmark Shingles are wavy

My contractor installed certainteed landmark shingles today in Illinois home. The shingles arrived on a truck in their original package. The weather is about 60F. I compare my roof (top pic) against my neighbor’s new roof (bottom of pic). The top pic shows that my landmark shingles have waves and looks uneven. But the contractor says this is normal because of the weather and that it will flatten when weather is hot. Is that true or did I receive bad product?

Let the shingles heat up and relax (the shingles, not you). They should lay down. CT shingles are notorious for doing that. CT makes a great shingle. Don’t worry. Go have a drink and enjoy your weekend.


This is not a decking or underlayment issue.
When shingles get stacked on the roof, brought up the roof, they are not perfectly flat as they were on the pallet. It takes the sun to melt them back flat.
Ive seen them burn flat in a couple days, sometimes a couple months.
You will see improvement with each day until it is perfect.
Pretty normal for a cooler weather install
And it is normal to have this conversation.
We have this conversation multiple times with multiple customers every year, even in

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This is pretty normal, but I would keep an eye out for excessive degranulation with CertainTeed shingles. In my experience, it only takes about 10 years for them to show heavy wear

Are you sure it’s not GAF shingles you have been looking at?

Very sure. Have pulled 5 gallon buckets of granules out of gutters from CT shingles. Wear pattern is pronounced ::shrug:: material defects happen with every manufacturer though, reasonable people can disagree

I have seen this with Horizons & New Horizons, never Landmarks.

I am not saying it can’t or doesn’t happen, Landmarks have held up very well in my area with virtually no defects or issues for a couple decades now.

Hallmarks are another Certainteed legendary shingle.