Certainteed NorthGate or Landmark pro

Hi all. First post here, and I hope this has not been asked before.

I’m having a new roof put on my 29 year old 1.5 story Cape style house
I’m figuring its about 39 squares of coverage. I am leaning towards the certainteed landmark pro.

I stumbled on to the CT NorthGate shingle. I like the idea of the SBS modified shingle for its durability. I live in northern Connecticut, and while we do get hail, its nothing like colorado, so my primary purpose for choosing this is not the impact resistance, but again, more for its general increased durability.

I will call the insurance co though and see if a discount for the class 4 rating would be offered.

My roofing contractor is not pushing this shingle by any means. He actually says he would put on regular landmarks on his house, as he is not a fan of the high definition color of the landmark pro. (Or Northgate).

I’m looking at it possibly from a resale standpoint when I sell the house eventually. (And again, maybe an insurance discount?).

I’m 59, so landmark, pro, or northgate shingles probably will be good enough from a longevity standpoint.

The roofer wants another $2600. for the northgate shingle over the pro. Thoughts?. Go with the landmark pro?

Thanks all…


I would stick with the regular Landmark. Resale is a consideration when choosing between 3 tab and laminated. Otherwise, not so much. I seriously doubt the insurance discount will provide any reasonable ROI for the $2,600 difference.

It sounds like you’re kind of itching to take this opportunity to upgrade your roof a bit. Take a look at the Atlas StormMaster Slate or Shake. They have the higher impact rating and I think provide a beautiful look on the right house. You also get the Scotchguard Anti Stain guarantee. The shingles themselves sell for about $50 to $60 more per square, so they’re a good value. We’ve put them on a number of roofs and our Customers have been very pleased with the results.

I would stick with the landmark pro. They are a great shingle and have been our standard go to for the past 5 years. In the north east I do not see any significant advantage of spending extra money on north gate.

Hi A_D. I did look at the Atlas shingles, and they look very good for the price. Unfortunately, in my area, there are very few contractors that install them (using the Atlas “find a pro” web site). If contractors were more plentiful, would definately consider. And you read me right, kind of looking to do something different, hence the rubberized shingle looks enticing.

That said, Yes MPA, will probably stick to the Landmark pro… seems to have good reviews, and saves me a few grand over the Northgate.


If you don’t have roofers that can install those Atlas shingles, you probably should not let them install any shingles. The Atlas StormMaster do have a larger exposure but they’re not difficult to install. What you probably have are Certainteed Pro Contractors trying to steer you to Certainteed for their own purposes. Pick the shingle you want then the Contractor to install them.

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No matter which way you go with CT you’ll have a lifetime manufacturers warranty. If you have the money and the contractor is qualified and Manufacturer Certified, any of the above mentioned options are great. I will say that in my area the jump from LM to LM Pro or max def is steep. If he is charging a mark up, its not much in my opinion.

Thanks Wookie. I’ll probably go with the Landmark Pro, as the contractor wants about $800.00 more over that of “regular” Landmarks… reasonable in my consumer opinion. The up charge to Northgate at $2600.00 seems reasonable as well, but I probably don’t need that “good” of a shingle (landmark pro is plenty good)… plus the color selection of the Northgate is half that of the Pro line… I really like the Shanandoa color in the Pro line. Yes, contractor is CT Select Shingle Master.

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