Certainteed: Presidential or Landmark TL

I am looking to re-roof my house (Ranch Style).

It has a wooden shake roof and was planning on using either Certainteed Presidential or Landmark TL shingles.

Any opinions?

the presidential shingle is a beautiful shingle.I would go with that if you don’t mind the difference in price.

Thanks. The difference is about $1000
$22,000 vs. $23,000

Added - the house is in the SF Bay Area.

if the pitch is 5/12 or more than i would go with the pres. over the landmark TL

Why is this?


Why is this?[/quote]

Because it would take a 5/12 or more to “show off” those presidential shingles.

Personally, I think the landmark TL would look MUCH better regardless.

Thanks a lot for the response. I hadn’t considered the pitch in regards to the overall look for these 2 types of shingles.

I would have prefered to go with wooden shingles, but the price difference is hugh (~$7000) - so looking for something that best mimics the ‘rustic’ looks that has more depth.

tried to insert photo - but failed…

i have the landmarkTL on my house i put on 2 years ago, in florida they will hold up better in the wind. the pres. have jaggerd pattern that does not seal as well as the straight bead of seal down under the landmarks. is the qoute for the shake or the presTL?

The quote was between the Landmark TL (~$22k) and the Presidential ‘Shake’ {not TL} (~$23K).

We live in a very mild climate (relatively). The wood shake was about $7K more - so not worth it. We like the wood shake look - very common here for ranch-style houses (but too costly). The house is about 2200sqft and the pitch is about 5/12.

I like them both, I would choose the Landmark TL for myself though.

GFA all the way…I didn’t know there was another. :shock:

We got a chance to go out and check out styles and colors - Landmark TL (aged bark) it is. The Presidential is just too busy.

Going to miss the wood shake - put on in 1981 and totally ready for replacement - but the additional ventilation with the new roof is going to be nice during our next heat wave (no A/C here…).

Thanks all.