Certainteed Presidential v.s. GAF Grand Sequoia

I’m sure this topic has been brought up before. I’m going from a shake roof to a shingle and want a shingle that will look good. My house is next to a home that has a very nice tile roof on it and do not want to lessen the looks of that home or mine. Unfortunately my roofing contractor said that it would be cost prohibitive to use tile because the current roof could not support tile without investing a lot of work and money. He has given me a sample of the Certainteed Presidential and the GAF Grand Sequoia. I am looking for any recommendations on these 2 products or if there is another one out there like Elk?

Check out the Certainteed Presidential TL’s.

480 lbs a square three layers thick, necest “shingle” money can buy. Thinking $250 per square.

just did one last week with the certainteed flowed the instructions turn out nice first time I ever installed them