CertainTeed ridge vent leaks

Hi guys,

I just had a new CertainTeed roof put on. After the first rain, it looks like the beam in my living room is wet.

In my garage, we’re repairing previously damaged drywall. When I removed the drywall I could see light coming in from the ridge vent. Is this okay? It seems to me that if light can come in, water can also.

Thanks so much!

Its normal to see light around certain types of ridge vents when viewing from the attic. If you’re having leaks your ridge vent is one possibility however it could be many other things too.

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Thank you. Good to know.

We’re located close to the ocean. By your user name, I’m guess you are too. It’s very moist around here - foggy, breezy and wet all over in the morning. Under those conditions, would the CertainTeed ridge vent keep the moisture out?

Thank you!

CertainTeed sells multiple types of ridge vent so not exactly sure what type you have. However if installed correctly I would trust any type even close to the ocean. I would need to see pics to be able to better judge the instillation.

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If the slot for the vent is cut too wide wind driven rain & snow can enter the attic space, this is why there are instructions on the box.