Certainteed Select Shingle Roofer

anyone here have it? you think it was worth the time of doing it? i’m able to buy certainteed in pittsburgh again and i’m able to obtain the select shingle roofer so i can get the killer warranties… did this help any of you guys land the jobs and i forgot to ask the rep what those 20yr warranties cost he spent alot of time talking with me about certainteeds new composite slates

Our company was one of the first in our state to have this, but we got downgraded because we didn’t keep retaking the tests.The Certainteed guy has been buging us to get it back but i am procrastinating. I usually always go to there PRAC meetings. In short yes I think it is good and I like Certainteed.

RooferJ just tell the rep you want it they didn’t even ask me to retest you ever meet your rep in person? he said he give me it all i have to do is show my comp and general liability is for roofing specific… i had a problem were i couldn’t get entertained locally in 2008 but its ok now and their coming out with a new composite slate he quoted prices around 400 per sq… i’m currently working on upselling and i’m taking internet courses on SEO and web design… i want to handle my advertising campaigns. I think roofing is handled so badly by advertising companies and i wasted so much money on the yellow pages and yellow pages.com and superpages.com what a bunch of crap… Certainteed is going to help me with my ad content for in the mall kiosks too… i’m gonna run a kiosk at the mall for march, April, and may… I’m gonna reincorporate sheet metal into my jobs too and maybe pick up metal shingles… but i’m really focusing on upselling… last year i did over 130+ roofs or so not sure till i see the accountant…anyways i didn’t really sell much and i didn’t make the money i wanted alot of it had to do with the agressive price increases and most of my contracts always took 2 months till i could start since we are always so busy… i was getting killed so i put a halt to selling till the increases slowed… but the only way i’m gonna get where i wanna be is if i start focusing on selling a variety of products for my roofs and i’m gonna start building decks again seems that market hasn’t gotten killed as badly with price increases

Been a Sellect company since July 1st 2008.

Talked to my Certainteed rep today. Gonna tour the Shakopee plant later this month.

Buying a 5 year old house with GAF’s and told the rep I won’t be able to sleep at night hearing all the shingles cracking. He told me a number that will for get me to put TL’s on it.

Been certified with Certainteed since 2002. Easy test if you know what your doing.

I’m already a shinglemaster company but now since I’ve been in it for awile he’s gonna give me the select shingle roofer I’ve already taken the tests their pretty much right out of the book. I have comp thru the state and I have a good general liability policy thru selective although I need 3k more coverage on tools I have 5k now

I think my SSR certificate is still somwhere on our website with a few dozen others we have or had hanging on a hallway wall in our shop. We were in the GAF master eliete program but im droping it this year.
Although they due get you a few jobs I dont put a huge value on these credentials. I especially think the BBB is a scam and a joke “dont get me started on them” all about money.

Yeah I had the BBB it doesn’t matter if your a member or not really so I think its a waste thing is GAF charges big for the master elite which I think is a joke. They should be glad your selling their product

I agree . Credential are nice in all, as are those neat little certificates and stuff I used to get out of a box of Crakar Jacks as a kid. AHH Nostalgia

Being a select shingle roofer has helped my business a lot. GAF makes you pay for theirs, although they will sometimes credit your account at the supply house.

To me there is little value in something that is just given to you (and everybody else in your market). Certianteed makes you and 50% of your crew take a test and then they check your insurance.

I sell just under 50% of my leads and I am usually 30-40% higher than 95% of my market. Credentials help. They are they magic dust to make you successful.

Pricing your jobs right, salesmanship, and killer service are three main ingredients. How you get those three items varies from each individual and company

Sorry I tried to edit last post

should read “are NOT magic”

ahhhhhhhhhh. cracker jacks…
I remember going down to the Brown Betty beach, and racing across the street to Mix’s for a box or two…
then going over to mix’s beach and checking out the bikini’s…and the hydroplane races…then going up to Hoseas’s and trying to get served a nice cold beer to wash all that mollasses down…

Oh ya…manufacturer certification…
the distributor’s road rep’s best friend…
t shirts, pencils, business cards, job signs, and pencils…and the occasional hat and wall diploma.

customers look for local referrals…

You forgot those neat little cloth aprons they used to give out. the guys always love free hats. Maybee I would really get a hard on if I got a nice framed golden sealed certificate certifying the I was the Master Supreme Being Super Duper Eleite Extra Terestrial Speacial Roofing Wizard. Oh yes , and then i could sell them for A wonderful warranty for all the extra soup to nutz stuff that they dont need.