Certainteed shingle color variation

I had my roof stripped and reshingled in May 2010. I choose Certainteed landmark shingles in Atlantic Blue. A couple of houses in the area had this color and they looked great. The color matches my siding and shutters, I thought it would look great on my home. The job was completed and we noticed a color variation in the shingles, some aears lacked the blue tone instead it was light and medium brown.The company rep came out check it out and took samples. I receiced a letter from the QC Mgr.stating the problem is due to oils from stacked shingles above may transfer to shingles below. He states in 180 days with the suns UV and rain the new shingles will weather and the variation will fade.
Has anyone encountered this problem? Will the variation fade? If the shingles don’t have blue to start with how will brown fade to blue? I must be dumb I don’t get it. Any thoughts anyone. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.

certainteed has a lot of issues with shading problems. was it from the Norwood,ma plant ?

The only colour from Certainteed that I have consistently seen colour variations is Moire Black. Maybe it’s just the easiest colour to spot variation on, but the 70sq of Driftwood I put on this week shows no sign of colour differences.

As for the second part of your question, yes shingles colour will be altered when weathered. That said, all the shingles on your roof will change a touch, not just the badly coloured ones.

Take a picture of your roof, try to get the colour variation in the pic. In 180 days, look at your roof, and take another pic, if there is still the variation there, then go back to Certainteed with your ammo (pics and letter) and tell them the issue and that you would like it replaced.

I don’t know, I’m dealing with this plant to find a resolution. In 6 months the snow will be flying in this area. is reroofing in December a good idea? Do roofers lay shingles in very cold weather? I’m at thier mercy a this point. No matter the outcome I am sure it will be a loss for me. However we have the BBB, small claims court if necessary and a negitive website if necessary, I will not let this go.
Thanks for your reply.