Certified installers

how does one become a certified installer of a roofing system or product? And do they then get special rates on materials?

no price breaks.

It varies. There are some very good perks in some programs. others are a waste of time and have the same or equivelent value as somthing out of a crackerjack box.


You will need to contact the individual manufacturers. Most of them are just some cheesy test but it shows you bothered to put forth an effort.

The more you buy normally the lest expensive it becomes. If you only do 1 roof a week you will not get a break from the supply house. Now if you buy 20 roofs a week you will get a lower price than others.

…however it doesnt matter if you are certified or not.

Ditto tar monkey… it has become at least around the Detroit area that everyone and there mom has manufacture credentials. It is no longer something that sets you apart from the two guys and a truck. (at least in Detorit area). Its all a joke around here. Some of the biggest hacks have manufacture credentials. Pay the $$ and get the credentials is all it takes these days. It’s too bad for the good contractor who does good work.

Yes it is kinda of a sore subject. We were the first GAF-ME in our state now they have signed up all kind of companies and that was not supposed to be the case.
One in particular is a notorious low baller and subs everything out to hispanic crews with white vans and changing magnetic signs LOL. only a matter of time though before it catches up.


at least my GAF rep. qualifies people in my area. as for certainteed…well…my wife (who only knows that the roof is on top of the house) is a master applicator.

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it doesnt mean anything,but you get a decal,and a longer mfgr warranty if you install properly,but if you do ,who needs it,like buying insurance you dont need—if the work is properly done the mfgr warranty covers you anyway :wink:

basically i like the programs because they give me sales and marketing tools.

AMEN to that Marshall

Yes Certainteed’s Shingle Master Company certification has helped me sell some roofs.

there`s other places to get that help :wink:

I have been trying repeatedly to get connected with GAF but I never get a return phone call. One of the contractors that subs out to me from time to time preaches about Owens Corning. Any thoughts?

You should be able to find out your areas GAF rep’s name from your local supply house. At that point you can start bugging him directly. Our GAF rep is a chump and I have to bug him 20 times for the simpilest thing. Our Certainteed rep is the man, he’s always on the ball. I like GAF products but they could learn a lot from Certainteed in consumer/manufacturer relations.

i dont like o/c. how long have you been in business and how many other GAF roofers are in your area?


This is my second year in business full time. And there are quite a few GAF installers I am sure. I know alot of people are talking about getting material straight from GAF and I would take it that they are certified installers. I contacted the company online already and called the SOS Leak number and still no reply I am contacting the rep this week. Thanks guys.