Certified single ply

i am currently not certified on single ply roofing systems
all ways preferred to do bur on commercial jobs because my crews
where best at it and my contractors would change the specs
well we have grown quite a bit and new contractors want single ply
on some jobs so i like to do the best work and use the best material
and was wondering what brand do you prefer for quality and warranties

what kind of single plys?epdm,tpo,pvc,hypalon

The top of the line is Carlisle. I would suggest that you try a few small residential/ commercial projects before jumping into this market. If you do TPO, you’ll need a few hand welders and, when you get a little better, a robot welder.

epdm i was looking at carlisle or firestone some people say it is better

they are both about the same from a customers point of view.meaning,the end results are similar.same type of life,same warranty,same maintanance.the firestone system is more favorable to those who install it.their application materials are better.thermoplastics are similar in warranty but, take a little longer to install.talk to your supplier about becoming a certified contractor.he should be able to set you up with at least a phone call with a factory rep