Change in pitch (1930s roof)

Hi everyone…

I need to match my existing house roof for the front corner of an extension. The existing roof is old clay tiles at 45 degrees but the bottom 9 rows flare out at a shallow angle over a wide soffit. A lot of the local houses have this type of roof (1930s). The old roof looks like a simple 45 slope in the loft but I can’t see the other bit of structure that makes the shallow angle. Can anyone tell me where I might find a diagram of the structure to make this corner? Even just the name of the feature would be helpful at this stage! Many thanks


Take the corner apart you are matching. This will give you a perfect picture of what to do.

Thanks Lefty

It’s not really something I could attempt. It’s high up and a lot of the existing corner tiling is cemented together. I don’t mind if my new bit is done differently so as it looks the same on the outside.

Any suggestions about what this feature might be called would be really helpful.

We call it a swept eave.

slate roofers call it a bell eave,
the layouts for adjusting the slate lengths to allow for the curve are documented in the slater’s bible, but for tile, it could probably go a lot easier and less complicated

Thanks - that’s really useful