Charge for removal of additional Layers of underlayment

6 layers of underlayment…Dang… You know that stuff came off in little bitty pieces. When we get the Gulf Breeze blowing across Southeast Texas, I have to have one guy on the ground doing nothing but chasing underlayment in the neighbors yards. I mean everyone is pissed. It’s like when we tear of ISO on flat roofs. It looks like snow, everywhere. It’s awfull.


I charge $100 for the first and $75 for each additional layer per square

How do you have 6 layers of underlayment and one layer of shingles? That much rot should’ve been found when he either looked at or walked the roof.

Our sales guys have a par number that includes tear off. Additional layers are $25 per sq but the initial tear off cost is bundled into a price per sq which i don’t know off the top of my head. I will look at our price sheet tomorrow. I am pretty sure our price per sq will be high compared to other markets.

I do not sell roofs but i was an installer, sales is not my thing… project manager atm. By installer i mean stone coated steel, Decra was our bread and butter in the early 80’s to mid 90’s. Never installed shingles in fact, so much metal in So Cal i never had to.


We do not reduce the price per square for extra layers. I have spent enough time on a shovel to know that the first layer is the easiest and all the older layers come up in dime sized pieces.


I would love to get your input on Decra type products that are becoming available. They just don’t seem to gain traction in our area, probably because of cost.

Stone coated steel gets moss and algae growth just like shingles do.

Given the expense of the product I don’t recommend it for this reason in addition to the non existent headlap on Decra panels.

Flashing is done by bending the panels, the stuff is a chit show.


A non existent head lap doesn’t mean anything, it is not supposed to have a head lap. You buy the shear, foot brake and ridge bender and you create it using the metal roof panel. Price on the other hand is a reason to avoid it, they are not cheap.

It’s just like any other product there are pros and cons. I do not think your average roofing contractor would like it at all. Stone coated metal is a very different installation than comp.

I am no Decra superfan, I’d much rather do standing seam on my home if i had the choice and money.

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