Chart of Accounts and Items List- Roofing Contractor Specific

Hey Everyone!

I’m setting up my QuickBooks instance and I’ve done research online but I can’t seem to find any chart of accounts or items list specific to roofing contractors. Does anyone have a Chart of Accounts list and Items List that they can share?


Use chart of accounts to track bank accounts, assets and liabilities, operating expenses and the like.

Use items list to track cost of goods sold.

You will have to individually name each item you want to track on the items list and in the chart of accounts list.

“Cost of goods sold” is a separate item within “chart of accounts” and is the amalgamation of all of your “items” in the items list.

Go to the “items list” and make each individual item a “sub item” of “costs of good sold.” You can do that by creating a new “item” in the drop down menu for items. Dont forget to change the tab from “chart of accounts” to “items” when posting invoices for materials and labor specific to the job. Likewise, make sure the tab on the “bill” screen when entering bills is on “expenses” when entering items such as rent, utility bills, payroll for office work, your salary, etc. becuase that is overhead.

You’ll get the hang of it.


I know the original post is a few years old, but I was wondering if you ever got a chart of accounts for roofing contractors. I’m in the same boat trying to set up Quickbooks.