We need a chatroom.

Better ban me or that would turn into a shooting match real fast, lol.

maybe but who would be in it. Im only on every couple days and dont care to argue that much.
Maybe a chat room for potential customer or home owner would be more like it.
Home owners need a service like that.

good idea i think

I know a place and the coffee is always fresh.
contact me for more information.

yeah not a bad idea to have a chat room. But will it have people in it? I’m a IRC whiz i could make one on irc.

id say that would be a good idea! customer related to recieve multiple opinions instantly! very business savy!!!

If you guys want me to make an IRC chat give me word… Who runs this site?

I disagree. I like the idea of a forum because questions & answers stick around for awhile vs. a chat where the same questions will come up all the time & we’d have 20x more of the same questions we already get a lot (such as “do you remove all the felt?”).

Also, a chat wouldn’t allow for inserting photos which is very important to find out how bad a ridge line is or if a flashing detail was done incorrectly.

So, no… even if there was one, I’d probably stay away.

That, & I’d have to vote for banning Tar Monkey just for spite. :slight_smile:

I agree with the last speaker. On top of what was said, think about it… this forum has like 20-30 post/replies per day… well maybe 50… but it is NOTHING… there is not enough traffic here, so first, this site should be promoted on various search engines to make it more popular. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great web-site, but, like i said, we need more folks visiting it. This will benefit all of us… customers and contractors alike. Then, and only then, you can consider a chat-room. Now, there won’t be any one there.