Cheap paint on EPDM; will it work?

I have a flat roof covered with black EPDM that will probably be coming off in two years. In the meantime, it’s hot as h. and I’d like to coat it white. Several years ago, I used Topcoat Surface Seal on part of the roof. It works great, but is expensive.

I’m wondering what will happen if I just roll on some inexpensive latex or acrylic paint after washing the roof. The roof is in good shape with no leaks; this would be merely to reflect sunlight. The roof does get walked on occasionally to service some evaporative coolers.

Would it cause any kind of disaster? Or will it just come cracking and peeling off in sheets in a few weeks? Any practical experience or best guesses available?


no,it wont hurt it as long as you dont use oil base.since the roof is coming off in two years theres no sense in buying the carlisle epdm paint.use the cheap stuff,just pressure wash the roof or clean it good w/alcohol or simple green first.whats the worst that can happen? the cheap paint wash off? just roll it again until your 2 years are up.


Why are you replacing the roof?

We hope to build a second story above the existing garage.

Yes it will work. The painters spilled some on our rubber roof many years ago and it still looks as good as it does on the house.