Check this out fan falls

Was roofing a 9 pitch yesterday, roof run was over 30 feet, so loading was a bit of a bear. I was over a vaulted section of roof, moving bundles from one row of roof jacks up to the next as we got close to the ridge. After I drop a bundle, I hear a loud crash come from inside the house. I poke my head inside the skylight opening next to where I am and low and behold, the fan/light fixture had fallen from the vaulted ceiling about 12 feet and crashed on the kitchen table. Homeowner’s son had just gotten home from school and was inside by himself, thank God he was not sitting at the table or it may have killed him. Got electrician out today and he said the bracket that was holding the fixture had broken. Same son told me that they didn’t use the fan because it wobbled really badly when they turned it on.
Well it’s all fixed and thankfully no one is hurt. Anyone ever heard of anything like this before? I mean I wasn’t laying every bundle gently but it’s not like I was slamming them down either. Pretty routine deal. No sheet rock cracks from bundles. Seems like the bracket was probably broken before I got there, or perhaps fan was never installed correctly in the first place.

Some of those brackets are cast pot Metal.
I’ve seen where a ceiling fan was hung from a fiberglass electrical box and the fan installer had used the wrong screws stripping out the holes.
I tell homeowners to remove valuable heavy items from walls.
I’ve broken, or caused to break mirrors, picture frames, one customer had beer steins on little wooden shelves and one vibrated off crashing to the floor.