Check this roofing companys work

My buddy lives in Syracuse and was watching a roofing co do a job across he street. He said the went over the asphalt shingles with chipboard and reroofed the chipboard…I cant imagine that is an acceptable method ???

Me neither.

I have seen the same several times. I have also started tearing one off that had 2 layers over 5/8" and under that was 2 more over 1/2" stacked over 1x12"s,huge mess.

A real funny one was directly over shakes. Nothing surprises me anymore. If it can be done to screw a customer,insurance company or contractor it will at some point be tried or done.

I ripped one about five years ago, first i ripped 3tabs, the plywood was bad so we ripped that too, suprise! They plywooded over slate! Then we had to rip that too! Then we skimcoated with a layer of 1/2" plywood & installed 30 yr. archs. Made a nice penny in extras on that one.

it aint right (AT ALL) but i’ve seen it, its amazing what some do… :roll:.

Heck i have seen shake 5 layers of shingles and a osb with another 2 layers. Well lets say that roof cost 16k to redo. I have seen everything like flashing then lay the shingles. some just have never been taught correctly.

Just like peeling an onion, theres always another layer.

when I first started and got to spend most of the day pushing a tear-off shovel, that was a recurring nightmare!

boy im afraid to get into our new places roof, it looks like a few layers of roll roffing and under that both osb and plywood on different ends (addition) then almost a hot roof with no ventilation hardly and frosty soffet vents, some leaks. gonna be asking some advice on here as i need to do it myself.