Chicago trade show

did any one go to the roofing trade show in chicago, and see that ez-plug display if not go to and arron it was nice to meet you, todd the ez-plug guy

Yeah that was pretty cool. The whole show was cool. My brother and I (you met him) were standing out front looking at the cranes like kids with our mouths hanging open.

Too bad I had to go to the dentist for a drillin and fillin right after.

I have used the EZ plug and they really do what they claim to. My friend, Twill gave me one, and it rocked…thats how they get you…first one is free then youre hooked.

It was weird…

Four or five people knew me that I had never met.

hey arron i was woundering if you knew anyone that needs any equipment for siding i have some alum-pole pump jacks i’am selling. i know your a ROOFER but you might know some one if you do let me know thanks todd

I sure dont. If I need alumapoles, I just rent a lift. :slight_smile: