Chimmney flashing

Had new roof put on last month and the chimney flashing does not seem right . Any ideas before I call the contractor back

It’s done wrong.

The flashing is supposed to be 2 pieces a base flashing that is attached to the roof and a counter flashing that is attached to the chimney.

Is that lead?

As axiom said it’s completely wrong. You should have step flashing between each course of shingles and a vertical counter flashings on the chimney butted down to,or a little short of the shingles, not turned out into the roof. Done properly the only place where caulk/sealant is necessary is the joint where the counter flashing turns into the masonry, not all over the shingles.

It should be more like this, it doesn’t have to be copper but copper is superior to other metals for this application.

It’s lead and my original flashing. They were suppose to reflash. This is a reputable local roofer who I completely trusted to do it right

That’s what I thought too my old roof did not have sealant around the shingles and was step flashed somewhat

Lead is great for chimney flashing and that flashing could have been reused to be honest, but not nailed down over your shingles and caulked like it was. You might have hired a “reputable local roofer” but it looks like they used some of cheap subs or something. An experienced roofer would not have done that.

So I should probably call him back on this then I’m thinking . Yes all the work I saw him do was perfect such as reflashing valleys then new cedar shingles etc. This was done by the crew . Can it be fixed do you think or should I just watch it ?

Yeah I would have it replaced (or at the very least shingles properly stepped into the flashing.

If that is the original flashing that is probably the way it was to begin with otherwise the lead wouldn’t be long enough to bend onto the roof the way it is.

Of course it can be fixed and the counter flashing can likely be saved as well.

I agree that lead is great for this application.

The original roof shingles were butted close to the chimney and you could see that there was step flashing going under some of the shingles. The lead application against the chimney looks the same as the old one . I know because we had a squirrel trying to eat the lead on the old roof so I had a close look at it from the skylight . This makes me Leary of other things they did . I have another picture of something else that I was concerned about that I will post thank you,

It could have originally done with one piece with shingles stepped over the lead. They may have in fact put new step flashings behind the old lead. The lead counters may still be reusable, just cut in a straight line with the roof and the shingles with the caulk all over them be replaced.

Insane that this should have to be done when a roof is only 3 weeks old. Don’t know who to trust anymore

Don’t worry, we see much worse and more difficult to fix issues here on a weekly basis.

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You are actually not in a bad situation other than looks, in many cases it’s better to leave the old lead ones in the brick rather than have someone cut them out and glue some aluminum on.

I agree,
Repair men need much more experience than installers.

Hopefully you are right and it is flashed properly
Underneath the lead.
If it is flooded with cement under the lead,
It would work. It is just not very attractive.

I have no idea if it is flashed underneath the lead. So irritating since I waited 4 months for him to be available .Thank you! I will ask that question though if he doesn’t want to fix it. I’ve seen some chimneys that look much worse so that’s not so much the issue as just wanting it done right the first time and not wanting to worry about a leak

Minor issue! They didn’t jack it up, just failed to un-jackup your original flashing!

Are you still posting the other issue?