Chimney flashing?

Ok why on a lot of roofs I noticed the tha flashing does not lay on top of the shingles on the down slope of the chimney ? It seems as though the vent stack boots ALWAYS lay on top of the shingles on the down side but I have seen lots of chimneys that have the spep flashing under the shingles and then the counter flashing overlapping the step flashing but nothing is sealed where the shingles come up to the chimney and the lower down slope flashing is under the shingles ? Seems strange :?:

I thought mine was that way too but it looks like the roof was shingled up to the chimney over the step flashing on the sides so the flashing is buried under the roof but the lower part was overlapped onto the shingles but then they just cut a small 2" wide pc of tabs and put over the top of the lower flashing to cover it for whatever reason


It is on top of the shingles. Some just glue a shingle to the metal. They do this so the metal is hidden.

When shingling up to a vent or stack, the row that meets vent or stack, is the row covered by the boot or vent. As far as exposed boots go, i usually just cut the 2 inches or so off that are exposed. cause it looks like crap.

I leave the fully exposed “foot” or base of a lead jack in place, painted to match the shingles as best as possible, so that there will be a full apron &

A) shed water downhill & not under the next course below the pipe.
B) prevent water from penetrating in the event of a driving rrain.

But that’s just me.

How about on a flat roof with slight pitch?Saddle metal around chimney torch on to saddle metal(after primed) vulcom top perimeter.

I had a customer ask me why i was not cutting into the brick. Simple its 40 years old i dont want to redo your chimney. I did a basic counter nothing fancy.

Normally you’ll see this if there has been a re-roof. Other than that it would be dumb. You can’t “glue” a shingle to metal and expect it to hold like it was nailed. Nailing it would put holes in your metal flashing…so don’t do it.
Too worried what it looks like? Use copper.

new lead/copper install is meant to be a feature why try to cover it

It’s just wrong and not good practice. I wouldn’t be interested in a roofer that wanted to ‘hide’ necessary metal. Flashing needs to be ‘shingled’ just like the shingles.