ok,I got my shingles ran,they look good,all my keyways line up…I got my step flashing on the sides…my problem is,I left roofing almost 10 years ago & got on a framin crew…I don’t remember how to do the counter-flashing with the trim coil…I want it to be done right & look good…I know i’ve done it before,I just dont remember the RIGHT way,& I dont wanna half-ass anything…its my house,but I still wanna do it right…I guess really I shouldve built a cricket on back of it,but I do plan on selling it,& most ppl round here dont bother.If anybody could refresh my memory it would be MUCH appreciated…I got 3 more to to do after this one,so you may see me on here with a few more questions too lol.thanx again~Shawn

o yeah,also,i went over old 1x slats with 3/8 ply…around here it dont much matter,but that is acceptable right?it feels real solid,I just dont wanna put my name behind somethin screwed up & get a bad rep,ya know…I’ve used 3/8 on new construction,but only cuz that’s what the homeowner wanted…as much as I hated that,i figured over the slats,as long as its all breakin on a rafter,all good right?