Choice of sheathing

you all have been really great btw in answers in the past. much appreciated.

california cedar shake to replace, on 50% 1x4 (skip sheath) bats. i knoooooooooooow im supposed to use osb just sheesh its gone up. is there any worth to the idea of using 1x3’s in skips to complete the deck? it would leave 1/4 inch spaces, i know its not code. but it would make a pretty good deck, and it used to be ok 15 years ago here to do it that way. do the gaps create too much movement and wrinkles in the shingle? if i use two layers 30#? pro’s and con’s? yes, im cheap and the cost difference is whispering to me.

i think the old 1x4 will accept nails without splitting.

maybe 1/4 osb is cheaper than 1/3 and labor to install them ?idk ,also consider felt cost and labor to install two layers.

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If you use the 1x3 you’ll have gaps all over,you’ll be hitting the gaps constantly.
Much better quality install if you use the OSB

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Put sheet metal on it.

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thank you. im the labor! im getting the paper at a discount now. i guess 1/4 is rare around here

good point. thought about it. thanks

meaning dont forget drip edge and valley and new vent flashing, or do you mean something else? as in metal panel roofing…

If you’re the installer, and concerned with cost, put a metal roof on it. 4" spacing is fine. I’d put a low E, underlayment. Put an open fastener system on it. 3 sheets of OSB in Texas is right at 100sq ft. That’s $100 here. You can get a 26 gauge panel for less than that.