Christmas gift for all you Roofers

i found a cd at the store with all roofing songs:
the band is-"Roger Roof and the Rafters"

  1. I felt you(15 lbs)
    2)don’t make a fuss,just get off the truss
    3)the drip edge blues
  2. arrested for flashing a chimmney
    5)Santa slipped on an ice shield
    7)my girl slapped me in the fascia
    8)show me your vent and i’ll show you my ridge
    9)stuck on a roof with a man eating hawk
  4. Miguel took the ladder and now i’m stranded
    11)i forgot the sheathing and house is freezing
    the cd cost 12.99

Heard these by Lightening and the three man crew band…

1)Tear um off,Tear um all off.

2)Please pass the shingles.

3)47 squares on the ground.

4)Throw um down,Nail um where they land,can’t see um from birmingham.

5)Its on the roof,100 proof.

6)I only roof for the suntan.

7)I love my job

8)My momma’s a roofer.

9)Lick um and stick um.

10)Born with a roofin hatchet in my hand.

11)All you need is a hammer and ladder.

Latest from the Yooper Roofer Band… (for the Michigan folks…)

  1. Grandma got rundover by ah rolloff

  2. Dah deer who liked tah roof

  3. Dah Sauna needs ah roof (I’m buyin!)

  4. 8 below - still layin em down

  5. Ran outta shakes (not dah beer)

  6. Gweedo and dah Tar

  7. 3 Hour Lunch

  8. 4 Hour Lunch

  9. 10/12 and 4 new inches

  10. Wasn’t spoosed tah rain