Class action suit, coverage for organic shingle

I heard there was a class action suit against an insurance company for denying coverage on organic shingle for deterioration. Does anyone have any information about this.

I am trying to help a homeowner with coverage due to hail.

I don’t know of any class action suit(s) against insurance companies for organic shingles. I believe there were several class action suits against the manufacturers of organic shingles.

Our experience is, in general, the insurance companies seem to readily approve roofs with organic shingles that have even minimal hail or wind damage. There are a couple of exceptions, AmScamFam being one of them.

I’ve only heard of class action suits against roofing companies for not honoring warranties on their discontinued products. CertainTeed has a list of organic products no longer in production. But I haven’t heard about one against an insurance company. Not in recent memory.