I am trying to use the classified section of this site, and everytime i click on an ad, it’s always cut off. Does anybody know why? And yes, i’m logged in…

no idea. when i click on an ad, the whole thing shows up just fine for me.

hmmm. okay. thanks. may be i’ll try creating a new username and see if that works…

are you actually clicking on the blue text to take you to the ad?

or are you just reading the main page?

yeah, i’m clicking on the blue text, but when it takes me to the next page, it cuts off where it did on the main page. So, basically, the problem is that i can’t get any contact info.

I have the same problem when I try to view contact information it takes me into the login page even if im logged in.

Whats your web browser? I have mozilla and ie. Allows you to check if the problem is browser related. Mainly use mozilla

Were you trying to view the IKO ultralocks I’ve listed? :smiley: