Clay tile repair

hey guys I have a clay tile chimney to reflash its a 10/12 totally rusted away and maybe some one by wood to replace its leaking like a sid I havent bidded on many repair jobs any help would be appreciated

You need a roofer who does tile. There are a lot of tricks of the trade with flashing work and clay tile.

if its over your head…dont bid it.

hi rooferjosh

post a picture of the chimney may be able to offer some advise , what are you trying to reflash with lead or copper .

regards john

Be prepared for rotten decking, bees, and bird nests’.

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%between% link


Dont forget about bats,they love to live under tile.
I will give you a free tip or two. use soft copper or heavy gauge lead, not cold rolled copper. dont use clips “thats a hacks way to do a field repair” set the tile nail with a flat bar and some finesse. all cuts can be done with a high speed grinder and diamond blade. although you should not need it with repairs, you number them, pop them out, then tile them back in. heavy duty underlayment is key as are good flashing details.