Clay tile roof repair

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Clay tile roof repair is a bit more involved than a simple shingle roof repair, but with proper repair and maintenance a clay tile roof can last up to 100 years or more! With some basic ground rules in place and an understanding of how to repair a tile roof you can have that leak fixed in no time.

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Sheet Metal Roofing

Clay tiles roofing is very popular today as most of the homeowners are using this roofing technique. The biggest advantage of using this roofing style is that they are more strong and sustainable to environmental hazards.

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The Homewyse Clay Tile Roof cost estimator provides up to date pricing information for your area. Enter your zip code, the size of your project below and click “Update”. The table below summarizes the average 2013 cost to install Clay Tile Roofing in your area for good, better and custom quality work.

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I use clay tile in my roof. I love them cause because I can color them in any colors. And they are really stylish. :wink:

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Do you not know about Clay Tile Roof. This is wonderful methods and way to repair this. So try it.