Cleaned house. Need advice on hiring

I recently let go of my head salesperson due to a disagreement of pay compensation. I didn’t shaft him on his pay but instead he wanted an increase and I didn’t think he was ready due to his experience in the roofing industry. He’s the typical guy that gets the job signed up and then I must take it from there or it will be a nightmare if he does anything more than a material agreement. He took 4 out of 5 of my salespeople with him and was going to make his own company that gets contingencies signed and sells them to different roofing companies on a negotiated basis. Needless to say I’ve heard they haven’t done as well as planned and want to come back to work with me. I’ve resisted because the main culprit and I have been in conflict numerous times before and I’m ready to turn the page.

There are some areas that I’m going to improve to be a better boss but give me some advice when hiring new salespeople. I haven’t had much luck on craigslist so I’ve got an agency that has a database of more quality resumes who guarantee I’m going to be able to get atleast 20 quality interviews next week. What do I need to do to catch the interest of a quality salesperson.

All advice is appreciated from salespeople and owners.

First thing I would suggest is to stay away from Craigs List. Sounds like your sales guy got a bit full of himself and needed to be humbled which it appears has happened. Personally, I’d have a hard time hiring that guy back, particularly if he requires the amount of babysitting it sounds like he needs.

Hiring him back may be a tough call. If he has indeed been humbled enough he might now be teachable and willing to do what it takes to get on track. But, he would also need to learn how to complete the sales process from A to Z. Then, he might be deserving of a pay increase, but only then.

Any of the other guys (followers) that he took with him want back in? If so, I’d interview each of them and find out which one’s have any potential and are willing to put forth the effort. Done right, you could end up with two top performers instead of five below to average sales people who end up costing you and your company in the long run.

There are a lot of yahoo’s out there who are over confident and think the world (or you) owes them a living. Your job is to find the ones that don’t have that arrogant attitude and do show a willingness to learn. With un-under employment the way it is these days you should be able to find plenty of good candidates to fill your positions.

What do you need to do to catch the interest of a quality salesperson? Show that you are a quality company. Good Luck!

Stand your ground.If it were that easy for them to go its easier next time.So much for dedication.They made their bed now let them sleep in it.Good for you.

I am with Larry,You didn’t have a salesman.You basically had someone who could get a contract signed.