Cleveland area stack flashing, how to repair?

Anybody have a good idea on how to redo this soil / stack flashing? It just has caulking around the pipe and shingles now.


Custom fabricated lead.
Uncured rubber works well for odd things sticking out of the roof also.

Either a pipe cutter chain to get past the flared out extension or use a Duro-Last prefabricated boot flashing if you do any hot air welding at all. Get an “Open” Boot for the lower portions diameter and then you don’t have to cut off the top.

Seal the top with stainless steel panduit banding clamps and Vulkem caulk.


you cut the top part off by scoring it with a diamond blade in a high speed grinder and it comes off in seconds with a clean cut, then you can remove the cast iron hub and lead gasket th a couple of wacks with a hammer.Then you can fit on a standard pipe flange. sometimes you can cut them in the attic and splice a new piece on if you really want to. we have to do it that way in cases where a pipe falls within ten feet of a skylight. the height of the pipe has to often be raised. Another short cut way to do it is to cut the back of a standard flange “gasket and all” then put it around your pipe then strip in the cut with peel and stick uncured rubber flashing tape.

i would def. say go into the attic and cut it off, then bring PVC through the roof in a more convenient location.

ditto marshall.
ditto rooferj.


All good answers from some of the best roofers in the business. :smiley:

I like Axioms answer the best so I went with lead.
Finished attic(plaster against the rafters) inside and with my luck if I cut and whack the pipe it would break in between the rafters.

Fabricated a boot from 4 lb. sheet lead, cut the front to install and then soldered same. Sealed top edge to pipe with polyurethane and covered with lead sleeve.
I don’t usually work with asphalt roofs, but this was a referral. I’m currently redoing most of the flashing and details on this roof. Going to end up costing about half the previous reroof price.




Didja paint it to match the shingle color?