Closed-Cut Valley Shingling and Where to Start

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Consider the roof in question to be completely dried-in and ready for shingling with a closed-cut valley. When I start to shingle is it best for me to start in both sides of the valleys and work my way towards the Eve or hip? I.e, run the standard two rows of shingles all the way up one side of the valley(smaller side with less water flow first of course) and then go over to the other side of the valley and do the same and from there just run both sides of the valley out until they reach their rake or hip.

Or should I start at the valley on only one side(side with lesser water flow first of course) and then for the other side of the valley start from the rake or hip and work towards the valley?

This site is truly a blessing and I thank anyone who responds very much.

We normally install one course on the side that does not get shingle first. Then shingle the entire slope up to the top of the valley of the side that is getting shingles first. It is much easier to keep the field square if you shingle the entire slope opposed to running one or two courses up the valley.

Then we shingle the second side, snap a line and cut the entire valley at the same time to keep a nice straight line.

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We always lace the starter and first course. Then we install underlapping side of valley 2 courses wide all the way to top…following completion of underlay side we install the cut course side “from valley first” ALWAYS to keep joints as far from valley as possible and minimize waste, then pop line 1" out from center and cut.:+1: