Closed cut vs. tin

looking for opinions on closed cut valleys vs. tin valleys using architectural shingles. Which will have less problems in the future?

If done right they will both last the life of the rest of the roof.

this is going to vary by what part of the country you are in. In the north east region we do mostly closed cut on 30 year shingles and metal w valley on designers.

I prefer the closed. I think the metal catches your eye to much.

i’m in central minnesota. any opinions on owens corning architecturals?

i prefer closed cut valley. Tin valleys look unprofessional to me.


Most people will say closed cut because they do not know how to do a metal valley.

It is personal preference. They both will work and last. So use which ever one you want. Some shingles you need to use metal valleys. They are too thick to conform to the shape of the valley, without bridging.

Actually, I did complaint jobs for GAF back in the early 70’s and thats the only way they would let us do them.
,closed that is, Points are to be cut and valley sealed. Opened valley’s are pretty much the same, points still need cutting.etc.etc.

I can’t beleive some don’t top nail their valley metal on open valley’s, it slides down and creates one hell of a leak. :?

Closed cut valleys on all material that is flexible.
I still have 20 inch valley metal underneath.

Open valleys for all materials that are non-flexible
such as tile,woodshake,metal.

Out here on the West Coast we install the California Valley system which is a basic closed valley but in recent years we have started to install a w valley using colored w valley material compatible to shingle color for use with the architectural shingle.

im from the northeast region,in my opinion a closed cut valley is fine,but copper looks a lot better.a weaved valley will look good if installed right.

most people cant afford copper. woven valleys will void most warranties on a laminate shingle.

I agree w/ Marshall and Lefty…And I only use Gaf/Elk Timberline Prestique…O.C. on my house because I got discontinued stock when they changed to sure nail…$5.00 per bndl. (no brainer) if they last 5 yrs I’ll be tickled pink…I am planning to add a level by then.

both work for many years.
i like closed cut.
its easier for me.


I give my customers an option, however I haven’t had any requests for open valley (my own house had open with the W).

I budget for & add about $ 500.00 to the cost if a customer wants an open valley (up to around 50 ft. total); a layer of peel & stick on the roof deck all throughout the valley, 30#, then W metal & nails no closer than 10" to the center.

Of course, there are variables to everything & most situations can’t be addressed via a website.

i personally like open better 1 1/2" both sides i run an edger up each side not we center our valleys with a line nice and straight if you look most closed valleys seem to wear out alot quicker at the crease like 10yrs maybe they start looking bad. closed look cool and yeah they can have metal underneath but they still look worn after 10yrs or so i run all mine open and as far as skill level its alot harder to run them open its not even comparable we run 7 3/4" back shingle 2 shingles wide on the line out of the valley and i won’t lay a single shingle until i climb down and look at the valley from the ground and i never nail my valleys down i use an 18" valley color closest to the shingle and a 1" hem on both sides and than cleated with 1" strips of aluminum just like you do with slate or standing seam, this is just my 2 cents and i dont mean to offend anyone (snow melts better on open valleys too)

I have done hundreds of both metal valleys are good quality when done right . Ever heard of rhode island valleys?

i think you run it closed up one side than run and edger color out on a line and run them in square no cutting needed that the one?

Closed cut valley

Metal valley.

nice carraige house job :!: