Coating for flat roof - what product

This is a follow up from a previous thread

We have decided not to do the 2 small flat roofs this season (no current leaks) - nonetheless they do need to get done - I order to give existing a little more life I’d like to do a coating on both.

Few ?'s
Can you recommend a product - I think you guys call it “dump and run”

  • I think 2 5 gal pals will cover - ea roof is 10x25
  • Can an inexperienced person mop this down? I am a handy person/fixer/painter etc -Hopefully I can get my husband’s assistance
  • What prep needs to be done - ?clean roof w/what
    -I have existing crummy alum rail system - I really would prefer almost just going over the small bases of it, rather than removing & going through the decking w/re screwing them - is this ok?

Thanks for all your help!

Go to henrys web site henrys roofing products you will need to clean and repair anything before coating and if you use any mastic you have to wait 30 days before applying [elastomeric white] only silver i would still wait a week before applying.Always use a good nap roller.

Check out LaPolla coatings. Good stuff.

Same with united coatings.

Try liquid EPDM rubber coatings as EPDM is excellent for both new construction, roof replacement and leaks repair. Liquid EPDM rubber can easily be applied, has a slow cure time and is water resistant.


try lucas clay emulsion as it is a true waterproofer not a cpating. it will get you thru the winter easily