Cobra ridge vent vs oc ridge vent

now i here from my last note the owens corning ridge vent is no good. they look the same. IS IT TRUE THE COBRA RIDGE VENT IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE OC?THE BIGGEST ROFFERS IN MY AREA USE OC ONLY. IF ALL THIS IS TRUE I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO USE THIS ROOFER

Never used oc ridge vent, but unless you are talking about cobra 2 or 3 cobra is junk it only flows 14 inches and will clog in time.

not a big fan of OC ridge vent , similar to the old cora-vent but in roll form. use Cobra it goes down quick,looks good and dosent have problems.


o/c is junk. use GAF snow country. it is not a roll. comes in 4 ft sections. net free area of 18 inches.

the oc ridge vent vent i was lookig at was the ventsure 4 inch rigid strip externally baffled ridge vents that come in 4 foot sections. are those inferior than the cobra’s? if i get the cobra’s are there different types and if so which one should i
get? thanks for all the help

cobra 3 (a.k.a. snow country) 4’ also and has highest net free area.