Cold climate companies

what do you guys do to get through the winters? i snow plow, some light carpentry, insulation…and roof with weather permitting.

we are roofers …we roof

Well I roof if I can but after falling last winter I don’t think I will be getting up after it snows

okay i guess when i asked that question i didnt think about how large of a client base you might have living in chicago…i live in a fairly small town, so a lot of people are uncomfortable allowing me to do thier roof in the winter.

i feel ya marshall. plus, it seems like youre a residential roofer like me, not many homeowners do feel comfortable with you on their roof in the winter as you said. I do whatever it takes to keep things rolling in the winters. Shovel and plow. Fix doors that are falling off hinges. Do cellar and or attic cleanouts. Rent an insulation blower from Home Depot if you know how to blow insulation in. Fix creaky steps. Gutters and trim wrapping. Anything goes in the winter and the strong survive. You need a good imagination if you don’t have big contracts that will allow you to send guys out to shovel off flat roofs and hump ballast, or whatever other busy work can be done on a roof in the winter.


90% residential.

We are roofers. We roof


90% residential.

We are roofers. We roof[/quote]

but are you serving any metropolitan areas? we are not.

I just sell repairs and relax. Since im a salesman it makes it alot easier to not do anything and sit on money during the year to make it possible.


I have the same belief that the shingles can not be installed in cold weather.

I have to explain that was when shingles did not have a fiberglass mat. When they were all asphalt they could not be installed in cold weather.

I don’t think that shingles seal properly in the winter no matter what any manufacturer or roofer says. I has to go and replace a few shingles on a house I did last winter. When it is real cold they just dont seal like they should.

Hi Skiconstr,

Manufactures say to hand seal in cold weather. I have never had a problem with sealing. No problems with blow offs.


we also manually seal shingles below 40 degrees

The only time I encountered issues Winter roofing is when I switched from staples to nails. Nails have been popping up with the junk OSB the builders put down as decking in the past 4 years since I’ve been nailing. Actually OSB was used for the 7 years I stapled with no popped staples.

Anyways, when I don’t feel like working I sit back and relax in one of the fish houses. Picked up a snow plow for the F250 5 years ago but decided it cut too much into my ice fishing to pursue a income from pushing snow around. The plow is used to plow my two homes, cabin, and my family’s property’s.

A couple Winters ago the boom truck driver said I was crazy for loading a roof. He said when he drove by the bank the temp read -17. Reminds me of how true Grumpy is when he said and I’ll quote him as best I can “new construction is not the way to go”. Thanks Thomas for finally teaching my thick head something!!!

Today a excellent framer of mine who " on quote " says, “If I frame your house my roofer and sider have to fallow me” Said, “Doug, your getting greedy”. I said, “Nope, Dale, I’m getting spoiled”!!!

we keep on roofing. the trick is to get a lot of back log in the fall rush to take you into the spring. kinda like the squarill who burries the nuts away
there are always lots of repairs.


I guess I am spoiled from having siding and Window installation in my repertoire. But I roof when the weather allows. It is harder to find the right weather in the Northeast but I do a few roofs. It is also helpful to have a backlog to get to. If they have waited since the fall they are usually alright waiting for the weather to be right. Harnesses are also always used in the winter, I have never had a guy fall off a roof but I don’t want to start now. especially when it is a little bit icey out.

I have also found a guy with a good hairdryer is very helpful to seal a roof in the cold. It is also the kind of thing that gets you referrals especially when the home owner doesn’t have any problems, and they see you working the day after a blizzard.

Usually we drive up shovel the homeowners drive ways and walk ways and get to work. they seem to like the service a lot any we usually have atleast one sale from each customer in the spring who asks if we were the guys who did there friends roof in the blizzard/

Anyways I agree we are roofers. So we roof. I also go where the work is. even if I have to drive 100miles to find it. You can always build a hotel room into the price.

i just signed a contract with new york states biggest modular home builder to do there vinyl siding tie ins. this will keep me busy enough through the winter.

Keep roofing
If it on a 9/12 or 12/12 the snow just slips right off. Im from Canada. the only time i dont work is on really hot days cuase the shingle scuff up and on days my naler freezes up and yeah my nailer does freez up. I dont hand nail cuase thats a waste of time.