Color of Certainteed Landmark Pro Max Def moire black

Are your customers happy with the color or shading of Certainteed Landmark Pro Max Def moire black shingles? There are many pictures of roofs using this shingle that appear to look black and some that look dark gray. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Before the max Def colors came out morie black was pretty much all black. With max Def they added more grey, personally I like the shading. Pictures probably depend on how the light is hitting the roof. Look at some actual installs not pictures for an accurate idea of what it will look like.

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I just installed this today and passed my in progress inspection. It’s actually a bit more gray Than the sample board portrays


Was pretty much set on going with this color, but that really looks gray!!! Wow. Same in person?

Have you seen this compared to the Onyx Black by OC? Similar?

If you have Malarkey in your area they have a really nice midnight black shingle, this may be what you are looking for.


Axiom - those look similar too the Presidental and OC Woodcrest shingles that we considered. How much a Square material only are they? And how do they compare to the above shingles?

Thanks Again…Like the Black Oak too.

Yes sir it was. Identical to the picture

First you need to find out if these are available in your area, if they are call your local roofing & siding supplier and they will tell you about cost & availability.