Colour Suggetions

Rebuilt a roof last year and it was shingled in Landmark 30’s Heatherblend, facia and eves were dark commrecial brown and the brick was sort of a beige colour with sandlewood windows.

Looked excellent when done. Working on one now and it is red brick and I am not a fan.

Will use landmarks again and have narrowed six colours down to Either Moire Black or Heatherblend.

It will get a new facia and so far have Canyon Clay or may also look at Sierra.

One of the reasons I crossed off Driftwood and Weatherdwood is I dont like the large variation of colour in the shinlge, it reminds me more of quilt work, I like them up close in front of me but just prefer the consistency in the Heatherblend or Moire Black.

I was being pushed in a pale green direction for soffit and eves from a designer but told her colour will be limited not by the paint store but by the eves material and I think the facia should match the eves as well. The Canyon Clay has a green undertone and the Sierra has a bit more green.

What do you guys like with red brick? I see a ton of Brown and a lesser amount of black. The brown is safe and the black is a bit colder though the landmark black is more of a dark charcoal colour.



With red brick, I love the way Tamko Heritage Series, “Black Walnut” color picks up the hues from the brick.

There is just a moderate amount of a reddish or maroon hue embedded in the shingle, but when installed with a red brick or siding, it really picks it up brilliantly.


Color? I write down what the customer selects from about 50 gazillion different sample boards & they initial next to it.

I am thinking of writing up a totally separate page to get signed where they agree the color is THEIR choice & they’ve had the option to see as many as 10 shingles laid or even temporarily nailed on the roof.

But there are even problems with that. This lady wanted driftwood and went from the sample board.

Check Landmark Driftwood Shingles and you will see there are four or five different colours there. What are you going to do work from a chip and then get it on the roof and it looks different than the sample board?.

I bought bundles and put them up, at least you can see what the colour pattern is.

I understand what you do and why and it makes complete sense.

I was just asking what colours work with red brick, I dont like the brick and this one is my call.

Will get a few more aluminum samples today and put them up with the shingles.



I supply 2 seperate reference lists to each customer.

The first one is the most recent 75 juobs with HO names, addresses, shingle style and color. The second list is more extensive. It contains about 1,200 HO names and the other information.

When they select a color, I tell them to drive past a house that has their choice on it to see how they like it on an entire home.


black matches everything. cant go wrong.

Red brick looks good with colonial slate.

I am surprised I didn’t think of Colonial Slate earlier.

Yes, that would be an even better choice than the Black Walnut.


colonial slate it was one of six bundles I purchased.

What I found is colonial slate or geaorgetown grey were in the range of the colour used on it in 1961. THat was the red brick home, the light green three tab and the white evestrough.

I even tracked a buildling down freshly done in colonial slate to see it and take photos. No comparison many many times better than green on this one but still not far enough away colour wise, also the designer consulting on it preferred something darker.

Have had a number of poeple look at samples and today
picked up some aluminum sheet so can slice it and nail down the faica colour tomrrow. I know now to start with aluminum and not colour chips but I did start with a red brick home with this Canyon Clay colour and light black colour roof that looked interesting, that was now that light greenish clay thing started. Found two more aluminums that have a bit more greenish tinge and are richer and warmer.

Leaning to the black myself.

One interesting thing in the countryside out here I hae seen many many homes with black roofs but only one with Dimensional shingles in black. Not Landmarks wish it was.

Thanks for the info guys it is appreciated and will have a few more questions for sure. I know I provided some entertainment for Guido on the last one.