Comment about subing

Is 50 a square to tear off and shingle somewhat decent for a sub ? things are crazy here in the midwest

How much can you tearoff and shingle in a day?

How much does it cost you to do that?

For all of the stuff I am subbed for I have give an estimate if its a walker I would say 50 a square to shingle is good. I usually charge 50 a square just to shingle. but then again I am bonded and insured. hopefully that helped

I guess it would be OK at 50 a square to shingle, if the customer had fifty a day to do.
20 a square to the roofers
11 a square for the payroll burden
leaves me 19 a square to cever insurance, phones, advertising, fuel, trucks and insurance, equipment upkeep, 28% to uncle sam,…I guess 50 a square aint that great either.

If I were you I would bid it by the job.

aaron has a great point. I know i would rather estimate the hole job I can figure out material labor dump and then put my profit right on top of that then you know for sure what is going where and you know for sure whos making the money.

and the my guys that work for me make a good hourly wage so i and paying more like 8 dollars a square so that works out better here. but thats just here in my area maybe there guys get paid by the square.

thats what everyone doin it for down here.
i do all the steep cut up stuff.
its the only thing i can make money on.