Commercial Roofing Sales

So I recently moved from the residential side of roofing sales to commercial. The general contractor who hired me really has no idea what the sales process is commercially as he has no salesmen, his main source of leads has been word of mouth. I am the first hire for sales and I would love it if I could get some info on how to get in front of the business owner. Is it just walking into a building and asking “who’s in charge?” or is there an easier route or maybe a way to find people who are accepting bids on new roofs? Any and all help is much appreciated! thanks!

I could use the same help. At this moment I am trying to get in touch with a property management group in my area that has atleast 20 complexs that are most likely damaged.

At one time I was comfortable with residential only and was a little intimidated by the commercial side of roofing.Whether it was inexperience or just fearful of unchartered territory I shyed away from it.

Commercial versus residential requires more OSHA exposure leaving you extremely saftey concious and vulnerable to citations.Obviously OSHA regulations should be followed but in a commercial atmosphere your company and crews are always in the spotlight and under the microscope.Constent exposure carries a huge responsibility keeping your crews on their game in terms of OSHA.The fines are severe and the risks are huge.

I’ve done monster complexes consisting of apartments,townhomes,nursing homes,assisted living,restaurants,hotels,warehouses,churches,fire departments and ambulance districts.All of these have been within the last 8 yrs.9 years ago i would have said you were nuts if you told me i would have done that much commercial work by early 2013.

There is no “Tricks” or “Pitches” its about being assertive,ballsy and having the ability to be resourceful.

First of all you need to shake any fears or insecurities you might have and lose any of the defeatess attitude you might have.I know sounds crazy but this will also sound even more nuts,Surround yourself with positive people,stay away from negative life sucking people who think in a negative manner.Being positive,energetic and out going with a clean appearance,well dressed sporting a smile will get you pretty far.

The work is out there and believe me its within reach of everyone.Google is a wonderful tool.So is door knocking and the phone.

I have sold some VERY profitable projects within the past 90 days,and that ONLY by walking in the front door.I introduce myself and ask to speak with the owner.If i cannot speak to the owner I find out when he will be there,email addresses and sometimes on occasion I have recieved the owners phone number.I dont want to talk to a simple manager.I want to talk to a district manger.I dont want to talk to an Apartment complex manager I want a direct line of communication with an active member of the board.

In my mind the lower someone is on the food chain the more of a waste of their (Managers) time it is but MORE IMPORTANTLY my time.I am on a mission and that mission is to get as close to the top of that ladder of decision makers as possible.Commercial roofing IMO requires a higher level of professionalism and also my opinion but commercial contractors are held at a higher standard than residential.

Some people might laugh at the positive aspect I mention but if you live by the thoughts “You bring about,What you think about” and surround yourself with positive thoughts,people and atmospheres you will really see how you will succeed and how easy it will come to you.Your not only becoming a better person but you will become very creative with your approach.

I am anything but typical,And yeah @ one time i would have even laughed at this post.

One more pretty important thing,if your contractor doesn’t do much commercial roofing who is going to be in charge of material selection and insuring the roof system that’s selected for installation is being installed according to spec ?