Common roofing defects?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a civil engineering student and as a part of a school project, I have been given the task of doing up a “building condition assessment” type form. My training to date has really been mostly geotech and structural mechanics, so I know next to nothing about roofing yet. I was just wondering if anyone could spare a minute to tell me what some of the common defects/distresses in commercial roofing are (multiple plies)?


Last Winter roofed a million dollar house on the Mississippi River for a 27 year old civil engineer. He spent a year designing the house and did the foundation and first floor walls in insulated poored walls himself. His garage was a thousand sq ft and had spancreet floors with a room below and a 10/12 roof pitch with an open garage attic with a walkway into the house via the second story loft. He did the general contracting on the hosue and he went with Certainteed Landmark Heatherblend one of my personal favorites.

A common defect in residential pitched roofing would have to be curling, cracking, or pitting shingles, usually the asphalt type.