Company Slogan

Trying to find a slogan for our yellowpages ad.



There was supposed to be a fourth option that was Defining Quality, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction.

Good job for advertising. With local companies here in Utah we have found that the yellow pages are costing more than they are producing. Is it similar where you are located? Have you gotten online yet with your business?

Its gonna have to be the 3rd one, though I like the 1st one more.

I had a yellow pages online ad last year and I would not do it again. it cost 225 bucks a month for essentially nothing. I got about 4 total calls from it, 1 decent job. thats it.

I have never ran a yellowpages ad before. The ad I am running is 900 a month but a good portion of that is for the online content you get on the

I chose to go with the more expensive larger ad because the ads that are around 250-300 a month tend to get buried in the book and don’t stand out, while there are fewer larger ads.

I have also decided to use a call measurement study which places a different number in the yellowpages ad so I can see exactly how many calls are coming from this advertising.

When speaking with another company who did this size of ad they received about 80 calls a month from the ad for estimates. I figure if I close at 35 percent thats 28 houses a month or on the safer end Im hoping for 18-20.

Also the yellowpages had statistics on how many people online search roofing contractors on in my area and last year it was about 900 a month, so out of that 900 if 3 percent visit my ad (because it will be one of the first)and then I close at 35 percent (I usually close higher im just trying to be conservative) that would be another 5-6 houses per month.

So for my 6 man crew if we are getting 320 squares a month we are very happy.

You guys may be right and this may be a waste but thats why I got the call measurement number so I can see just how much business I get from this.

Hey I think anything is worth a try. Bigger the better when it comes to ads.

Good luck, and please let us know how it works for you!!!


Yeah I plan on keeping track of all my marketing this season door hangers, cold calls, website, referrals and yellowpages. Then posting it to show what was the most effective and cost for me on each type of advertising. Its interesting to hear what works for people in different areas.