Completing a whole job in one day

ive got these guys in my area that put like 20 men on a 30-50sq tile tear off. they have it striped, dried in and shingled all in 1 day. we would take 2-3 for the same job. what can i say to future customers to discourage this type 1 day for a roof. im just asking, theres got to be some sort of dissadvantages for this.

I think I’d tell them the following:

  1. Don’t confuse speed with quality.
  2. With that many workers, it is impossible for one or even two crew leaders to keep and eye on and supervise everyone.
  3. With that many people figuratively falling all over each other, they could very well literally fall all over each other.
  4. We could do that as well but I have chosen not to primarily for the reasons listed above. I just don’t feel it produces the best quality job nor is it in the best interest of the Homeowner.

I struggle to imagine this being an important selling point in the Homeowner decision process.

20 or 30 guys! No way their legals, most likely illegals, & no way the company is carrying comp. on all those guys. I wouldnt want my roof done in a day w/ 20 or 30 guys. Like one of the guys said earlier, too many guys for the foreman to watch! = too much room for error! Tell your customers all that. I always tell my customers if you choose us; I am always on the job so you deal directly W/me & I use no druggies, drunks, or subs. It works for me. Ive noticed if you do a roof in a day customers tend to think they got ripped off, they think you had to cut corners somewhere.

If a company is putting that many roofers on a roof…then thier selling point is to do a job in one day (get in and out) without disrupting the lives of the customers. Customers always here stories about roofs taking weeks to get done and companies prey on that knowledge.

Reverse this perception…let the customer know that they are paying a premium to get this one day service. You can provide the same quality for a cheaper cost but it will take you a few days because you take pride in the work you do.

Im sorry but I disagree. That many guys on a commercial project fine. Not on a residential, thats a hit & run/take the money & run operation. Quality is out the window w/ that many guys.

I use that we will be in and out in a day. I use 7 guys and they can finish up to about 50 sqs a day. I dont see many reasons a standard home cant be done in a day, I have seen alot of companies where I am at taking 3-4 days for a 30-40 sq roof and I dont know why.

Hey jrock, I gotta believe the guys that aren’t getting roofs off and on in a day is cause they are mostly truck and ladder guys (which is fine) and just not prepared for or willing to hire a labor team to get the job done. I know many of these guys and let me tell you quiet frankly.
Just cause they are slower they do a better job, B.S.
I can take to many roofs that have been installed by these so called “roofers” and WOW what do ya know. CRAP ROOFS
They cut corners on materials and labor, drive down prices and then speak badly to home-owners about true roofing companies. You know, the ones that carry insurance, workers comp., lisc. etc.
Just because many of these guys are all too willing to do their 2 or 3 jobs amonth and be happy with that. Then they want to complain that the rest of us are “STORM CHASERS” (I bet there hasn’t been a roofer made that wasn’t glad to accept an ins ck)
Yes guys there are many GOOD RELIABLE ROOFERS out here doing it LEGALLY, ETHICALLY and even so we STILL look for the next major storm.
That’s how I get paid. And that’s how you get paid.


We have done a lot of roofs in one day with one crew. For example tommorrow with 6 people plan to tear off a 30sq tear off and have it shingled by dark.

A couple years back did a 50sq 8/12 tear off with 8 guys in a day. That same year we shingled a new 65sq building 8 guys in 6 hours.

If the men know what they are doing enough of them running guns it don’t take long. Same goes with a pitch fork.

Two years ago with a 8 guy crew did 5 tear offs in one week. Some may say that’s not right but when you’re sitting on 25 roofs with one crew you have to do what you have to do.

20-30 on one residential roof? Now that’s insane!!!

I use a 7 man crew. 5 nailers and 2 helpers. They have been working together for 10 years. We hand nail. Most of the time we are using 6 nails for high wind areas. The shingles are carried up the ladders. The guys work steady without taking lots of breaks except the usual for really hot days.They are all accurate nailers and do nice work. They are never in a hurry and use a nice pace while they work. It’s a pleasure to watch them work. It’s like the old saying poetry in motion. On a walkable 5-7 pitch we can finish a 45 square house in a day putting in between 8-10 hours.

yesterday’s job, 27sqr. arch, 6sqr. torch down. 6man crew. started at 6a.m. and finished at 12:45. i thought we were dragging a little but job passed inspection. one day jobs are not uncommon. the time it takes shouldn’t be an issue as long as you don’t dragg it out. quality is what you should be looking for.

Wow just think of what you could get done if you had those shingles boomed to the roof and bought a couple nail guns.

the 20 man crew i ran with in 07 would eat 100 squares a day on 12/12’s. with that have them do more than 1 home a day. You are providing a service and when done right 1 day should never be an issue. Just need to relay that to the home owner.

You guys make me sound like a turtle. I can install fast but my jobs run about 5 days on average for the fact I do most of the shingling myself and supervise my father amd one employee. My dad is the contractor and sometimes working with him resembles OCC the show. Boy do we go at it. Quite funny sometimes too! Hell I’ve even fired him before hahaha or least tried…

I certainly disagree with anymore the 10 guys on a roof at once. That’s just absurd! Only time I think large crews are good is if each person is highly skilled and knows how to roof like a true professional. Not a crew of unskilled laborers. Nothing good can come of that.

the crew i am speaking of is set up with 2 foremen 1 for the ground and 1 for the roof. there are 10 shinglers / tear off. the rest are laborers picking up debris. Thats how 20 guys run 8 people running picking up junk the rest roofing. Sorry but when you can do 3 30 square homes a day it makes more money faster and last i checked thats the whole idea. May be i have lost touch but thats what i have been taught many many years ago. More done = more money.

That was my dad and I years ago He since retired but Every time I look back its always with a smile. How many peaple get to work with their dads side by side. Sure miss those days well not all of them. :roll:

What kind off roofer would even hirer on a job like that and make any money?? what were they mexicans!

Umm, aren’t the vast majority of roofers guys, that drive trucks, and use ladders?
I can ensure every nail is driven properly because I drive every nail.
A major BC inspection company said the same thing last year when I roofed about 1000sq at a multi-million $$$ golf course. They inspected the first two roofs, then glazed over the rest knowing they were all done the same.

All I’m saying is don’t generalize.


I can ensure every nail is driven properly because I drive every nail.
A major BC inspection company said the same thing last year when I roofed about 1000sq at a multi-million $$$ golf course. They inspected the first two roofs, then glazed over the rest knowing they were all done the same.

All I’m saying is don’t generalize.[/quote]

So, you were the only worker who drove a nail on a 1000 sq job? That must have taken a few days…hehe

All Im saying is dont exaggerate :slight_smile:

B/S: 1 day jobs, unless its a repair.
I have 7 men, all have been together for 7yrs. All joke with each other and are like family. A 25 sq job is no less than 2 days, walkable. We chalk line every 4 courses, bleeder strip the rakes, flash chimneys, etc.

The ony job I can think of which was done in 1 day was this year. A 4/12 pitch, complete re-deck, ranch house, re-roof, 18 sq job. I was happy, but at the same time I dont want to be a 1 day roofing company. Had 8 men on the job. They worked together. 1 guy measuring, 1 guy cutting wood, 2 2 guys nailing decking with the others shingling after them.