Compound to join aluminum gutters

I have leaky aluminum gutters that I recently took down. They leaked at the joints. They’re apart but intact, and I plan on reusing them. What is the appropriate compound I should use to rejoin them when I reinstall them?


They make a slip joint that works good in that situation.

It’s the slip joint that I want to seal. Or maybe we’re talking about two different things?

look up a company called OSI on the net. they have a gutter sealant. comes in a squeeze tube, like toothpaste.

I am here in Michigan and suggest a product that home depot sells. It is in the gutter section… the name is not coming to me right now… something like gutter seal ?? I am at home and I have the stuff at my office. It is in a green and silver like tubing. It costs about $5 bucks a tube at Home depot. It is self leveling and works great… just dont get it on you or your clothes. Make sure the joints are clean and clear of debris and hang the gutter and squirt some of this in the joint and it will self level and seal within 24-48 hrs. It is grey in color when it comes out. I have used it for years with great success. That is what I would suggest and there is a home depot within a few miles of everyone. Good luck !!

Alcoa makes a Gutterseal also. Here is a link that may give you additional information with regard to reinstalling your existing gutters. BTW, you will need to clean the joints really well before you try to seal them. … ttersd.pdf

geocell 2300 works great for the gutter–you should replace it w/ a seamless one though :wink:

Thanks. To clarify, the gutters are seamless, except at the corners.