Concerning GTP1003 & His Business Advice

I had contacted Kevin aka GTP1003 a couple weeks ago for some advice on me partnering with a well experienced roofer in establishing a new roofing business.

At first i wondered if Kevin would actually take time to contact me due to the fact im not a regular poster the forums and im not well experienced in roofing. And i also wondered if he would contact me because im a small time business guy and not a multiple hundred thousand dollar a year roofing business owner. I wondered if he might insinuate that i need to quote “pay my duesâ€Â

GTP has always been a good guy and poster on the various roofing forums

Thank you sir. Im sorry if i came out that way i am no big shot by any means trust me on that. I apreciate the thanks.

Kevin is not a big shot…yet.

Nice referral crappieman.

In regards to me using the term “big shot”.

It seems a lot of the well established construction contractors ive attempted to talk to have come across as being untouchable in offering advice. And the majority of the time they had a tendency talk down to me like i might not have the mental capacity to understand what they were saying.

So i guess i got “burnt” in dealing with them and i wondered if Kevin would possibly be the same way. And i had wondered wrong. He pretty much came down to my level and corrected me in a straight forward manner and gave some practical working advice.

Kev is a good guy like that. :wink:

Thanks jason that means alot from your big old company!

Just reading this and i vaugely remeber it.