Concrete or clay?

which tile is cheaper/better/more energy efficient for a house?
also, is it the paper that makes a difference in the cost of a new roof (modified bitumen vs. conventional 30 and 0 paper) or does the type of tile?

meant “90” not “0”

As far as paper is concerned that should not change the price on new construction enough to worry about. My concern is this cheaper thing. You want to protect this house and everything in it with the cheapest thing you can find im i understanding you correctly? The phrase cheap and energy efficent dont work in the same sentence. You WILL get what you pay for in this business. 90 pound is rarely used under any roofing materials. At least pros dont use it like that. The price difference between 30 pound and 15 pound is very little and i suggest using 30 pound or possibly a fiberglass style felt.

I concur.

Why would you want to cut costs on the most important part of your house? Didn’t you buy a house to put a roof over your head? Well then, why would you want the cheapest material possible to protect your valuables?

That reminds me of some architects in Silver Spring, Maryland that I worked with several years ago. They designed a 12 story high rise with million dollar plus condos. The specified carpet that was something like $12 a square foot on 11 floors, and marble on the lower level, and then specified a $3 a square foot roof. It just didn’t make sense to me that they chose the roof to trim their budget. :roll:

I have yet to see a builder not try and skimp on the roof. Thats why i dont want a thing to do with new con. Its a waste of time IMO. Some guys make a good living at it but for me why work for 3 months getting the work for a couple grand when you can sell the tear offs and make a few grand a week. I just dont get it. To me its easier working with the consumers than the builder and you get paid much faster.

i don’t want to skimp, which is why i am using the rubberoid underlayment as opposed to the conventional paper. i want to know which tile is better and more energy efficient so that i can put that on my house. i asked which is cheaper because the roofing company is saying that the tile i requested wont be available for possibly a year and i want to know if the product they’re offering me instead is cheaper/lesser quality than what i originally requested. i wanted the flat white concrete tile (i was told by a roofer that it was the best to put on my roof) and they are offering me a concrete tile which has a slight arc-“entegra”, made in the usa. please help, i do want the best i can afford…


Clay tile is the best. Been around for like, a really, really long time.

i like a peal n stick directly to wood, with a lite colored cement tile(dark colored in cold climate), scewed in with stainless screws.
metal weepholes. mudded cap n rake.