Concrete roof

So this roof happens to be a patio/balcony over a room. Anyway its leaking and i wondering, after stripping it down to bare concrete, it has peeling latex paint coating now, what product is the best option to coat it? Considering the foot traffic im wondering if an epoxy based garage floor coating would be most durable and keep out the leaks. Or go back with latex based waterproof paint/coating would be better and just lay down carpet to eliminate the foot traffic wear.

Siplast has a Para Pro and Terra Pro system that is really good with I believe a 20 yr warranty. Kemperal is the top of the line and more expensive. Topping would be cast granules for great walk surface. I install both and not that hard for smart people.

must take ya alooooong time eh ricky?

Where do you get siplast? Looks like good stuff but im looking for something easily accessible, can be bought at abc supply or any material supply warehouse or even home depot/lowes. No really trying to get certified n setting up vendor account for a 100sqft patio but i want to do it right.


must take ya alooooong time eh ricky?[/quote]

Not really, I have had to go in and fix problems and they are not pleasant.

I assumed you were a contractor. Maybe a gayco for the reat? Not into cheesy work!

Yes rick i am a contractor, dont really care if you are “into cheesy work” or if you think this is “cheesy work” im just trying to help a customer out who got totally screwed by a previous contractor, and build a good relationship for future work and referrals. Imo thats what a good contractor does. Anyways im not here to explain we hy i am taking this job just looking for experienced advice on getting the job done right.

typical union boy…f’n arrogant… :roll:


typical union boy…f’n arrogant… :roll:[/quote]

I answered his question on quality products, they are not sold at home depot. Maybe the contractor knows other contractors who are certified and buy them on the side to install. Otherwise, buy whatever home depot has to sell? Any other suggestions from kaged?

instead of carpet put a floating deck…


instead of carpet put a floating deck…[/quote]

On top of what high quality system???


instead of carpet put a floating deck…

On top of what high quality system???[/quote]

i guess that would depend on what kind of floating deck your picturing there rickster…

I believe the question had to do with a quality waterproofing system, a deck, even floating does not answer that???kaged.

maybe if you knew how to read…

Do ya see the ? ricky???..what a … :lol:

He is openly asking that question and looking for an opinion that you clearly did not have.

read it again rickster…

Not going to debate stupidity with the stupid!


And back to topic??? I forget, is it caged or concrete?

Its concrete. It was an add on and the original contractor apparently didnt use any flashing and just laid it along side the stucco and put tht latex foundation sealer down. The concrete has since cracked, cracking the latex allowing the foot traffic to completely wear it off. And someone apparently got too drunk or something and kicked a hole in the stucco where it meets the concrete then filled the hole in with spray foam insulation :roll: Anyways no matter what product i decide on usinge im going to term it behind a 5" trim board i put around the base and caulk everything real good around the perimeter. Other than redoing everything to put flashing in where it should be cant think of another solution. And im not limited to home depot i mostly deal with 1 supplier though and they are limited mainly to steep slope a low slope asphalt products. Since i dont go out looking for work like this i would rather not have to go through a vendor registration process and use somethibg that is available through a material supplier