Concrete Tile Question

Just recently had concrete tile reroof in FL and wanted opinion on some of the completed work. Noticed this area in the roof valley with few gaps and wanted to see if it’s normal or possible problem down the road with leaks. Thank you for any insight.

There is a metal valley pan under the tile that the water runs into and then down to the eave. That is normal on tile and slate roofs, some shingle roofs too.

The cuts aren’t very straight though, so it isn’t pretty, but it should be functional.

Main thing is making sure lugs on tile are removed if they didn’t use 5 rib valley metal. Cuts are fine, profile tile isn’t easy to miter together perfectly and I’d bet that cut looks good from the ground. I’ve seen WAY worse.

Done perfect.
No issues.

Perfect roof done by roofer etc, etc, etc

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