Concrete Tile Roof Replacement

I am seeking estimates to replace the concrete tile roof on my home. There seems to be a large difference in the range of estimates. This is our first home with a tile roof.

We are planning to replace the current S-type barrel tiles with a similar style and quality. This is the original roof placed on the home when constructed in 1998. Some of the tiles have been replaced and there are a couple of leaks we’ve had repaired.

The home is located in Tampa. We would greatly appreciate any insight on a replacement cost. Not seeking to pinch pennies, just to better understand what a reasonable estimate should look like.

I attached an image that shows the roof design and measurement. Its about appx 42 squares, single story, 6/12 pitch.

Thank you.

We would be every bit of $1200 per square on that job. Why are you replacing the tile? On even horrible jobs we would pull tile and install new underlayment, reusing existing tile with a few pallets of new, on the back side, to replace all the breakage and cuts.

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$1,000 per square on low side, $1,500 per square on the high side.

Thanks Tileman. The majority of tiles are fine. Some have lost their color…look basically like cement color now. Some have been replaced, so those are a different shade of color. My wife and I did discuss having these removed, decking repaired where required, new underlayment applied, and then re-lay the tiles. The tiles would still be slightly different colors—which is a distraction from an otherwise really nice home. How much of a cost savings would there by reusing the tiles?

I actually have a couple of neighbors in my area who’ve had companies apply a coating to their concrete tile roofs–and it looks quite good. I noted that Eagle roofing says their tiles can be painted with 100% acrylic coating. I suppose we could keep the tiles and have them painted. Thoughts?

Thanks Authentic_Dad. We’re still waiting for a few more estimates to come in. I have two, and as noted in the original post, one is for app $850 p/square while the other is app $1200 p/square…which seems like a wide range for the same job. At least to a layperson like me.

Should I expect better materials on the higher estimate?

Thank you.

You shouldn’t assume anything. You should ask all companies bidding to specify the brands and models of the major materials. Require them to provide a copy of their license and insurance certs. That range is not at all surprising.

Great advice…thank you.

$850 is too cheap for that job and a bad tile roof system will give you the same problems you had before. When you throw painting into the equation you should not try to reuse tile. It will be less expensive just to use new tiles in that scenario. Use Eagle NOT Boral. Read both warranties closely and you will see why.