Concrete tile roof

I just purchased a 100yr old spanish stucco home. The roof is concrete tile, and leaking in a few spots. I have someone who is going to give me a bid on repairing the existing roof. There is quite a bit of discoloration and I am wondering if anyone has heard about painting or staining of concrete tile. If so can I get direction as to the process or possibly someone in my area who can do this for me.

Not sure about having the tile refinished. I would see if maybe the discoloration will go away with a cleaning with something like ARB Roofbrite or something similar. If the house is 100yrs old and the roof is original your flashing is probably on the way out.
I never did cement tile in Louisiana just asphalt and metal roofs mostly. I did all my cement tile work out west in the Mesa and Tempe region. Monier is one of the companys that makes it. I do know that stripping old tile roofs and replacing the flashing and underlayment is big buisiness out that way.
Just go to and start looking up “cement roof tile” and stuff of that nature. You can also locate some nice roofs in your area like yours that are well maitained and inquire who their roofer is.

There is very little concrete tile in the northeast, but quite a bit of clay tile.
most of it is Ludowici-Celadon “still in business”. A lot of them need the underlayment and flashings replaced over time with the tiles removed and reinstalled, somtimes it just requires replacing the broken tile.