Condensation Issue

Long story short…we had a new roof put in and they added 4 out vents and attempted to put in an under shingle intake vent but the intake vent leaked so they patched it. Well now it’s collecting a lot of condensation. How can I fix this?

Sorry I had to take screenshot of a video I made

It’s a long strip about 8-10 feet across the roof

What is the roof pitch? 3/12 or less? If so under shingle vents won’t work, replace with a AirVent HD metal slant back roof louver

Under what conditions did the shingle over intake vent leak?

I have seen some I have installed completely encased in ice and not leak.

The problem is your roofer is not know enough to install a 6 mill vapor barrier between roof and wood deck. The trouble is people think that shingle roofers and flat roofers are all the same